Installation Walkthrough

Once you have downloaded UnityJDBC from, you will have downloaded a JAR file called UnityJDBC_Trial_Install.jar. First, you need to have Java previously installed in order to install UnityJDBC. Then, you can install UnityJDBC by either double-clicking the JAR file or running the following command: java -jar UnityJDBC_Trial_Install.jar. The installation steps are below.

  1. Welcome Screen - Provides some background on UnityJDBC. Click Next.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #1 - Welcome Screen

  2. End-User License Agreement - Read the EULA, select Accept, and click Next.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #2 - End-User License Agreement

  3. Install Path - Select the installation path for UnityJDBC and then click Next.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #3 - Select Installation Path

  4. Install Progress - The installation will be performed and progress shown. Click Next when complete.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #4 - Installation Progress

  5. Install Shortcuts - The installation will install shortcuts to start SourceBuilder and a sample database. This screen allows you to control if shortcuts are created and their location. When finished, click Next.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #5 - Select Shortcuts

  6. Installation Complete - The installation complete screen will be displayed if the installation is successful. UnityJDBC SourceBuilder will be automatically started. Click Done to close the install window.

    UnityJDBC Installation Part #6 - Installation Complete

UnityJDBC will auto-start at the completion of the installation. If it does not, click on the shortcut created. If there is no shortcut, on Windows run initsources.bat and on Linux/Mac run in the installation directory.