Feature List

The following table summarizes the features of UnityJDBC and the version where they were first introduced.

Table 9.3. UnityJDBC Feature List

VersionFeature Description
1.0Cross-database SQL queries for any JDBC source
1.0Query by-pass
1.0MERGE feature with MATCH functions
1.0Embedded relational database engine
1.0Source and schema file encryption
1.0Support for Applets
1.0Support for query results/databases larger than main memory
2.0DataSource connections
2.0Pooled connections
3.0Prepared Statements
3.0User-defined Functions
3.0INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE on a single source
3.0INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE across sources
3.0INSERT INTO across sources
4.0Paging using LIMIT/OFFSET
4.0Query and ResultSet caching
4.0Universal dialect and function translation (support for sources missing functions)
4.0Single source subqueries
4.1Support for BLOBs/CLOBs.
4.2Multiple source subqueries in FROM clause
4.2EXPLAIN command for query execution information
4.2Ability to control tables extracted into data virtualization by inclusion/exclusion patterns
4.3Full subquery support including correlated subqueries
4.3>MongoDB, Splunk, ServiceNow, and Cassandra support
4.4 Tableau JDBC integration with support for Splunk and MongoDB
4.4 MongoDB nested query optimizations
4.4 Additional SQL functional and translation support
4.4 Enhanced support and performance for Splunk, MongoDB, and ServiceNow