Chapter 6. Supported SQL Syntax

Table of Contents

Data Types
Functions and Operators
Logical Operators
Comparison Operators
Arithmetic Functions and Operators
String Functions
Pattern Matching Operators
Data Type Conversion Functions
Date/Time Functions and Operators
Aggregate Functions
User-Defined Functions and Support for Other Functions
Function Translation
Non-parsed Functions
SELECT Statement
INSERT Statement
UPDATE Statement
DELETE Statement
EXPLAIN Statement
By-Pass Statement


UnityJDBC supports a cross-database SELECT statement. The SELECT statement has the standard SQL-92 syntax and supports WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, and HAVING. UnityJDBC supports subqueries on a single database and cross-database including subqueries in the FROM clause and WHERE clause. entire query is on a single database. SQL functions are supported using a function syntax with parameters rather than using SQL keywords and syntax. Table and fields often should be prefixed with the database name they originate from. This database name is provided in the schema file for the data source.