Systems Integration and Consulting

  • Do you have challenges designing, building, or maintaining your data and business intelligence infrastructure?
  • Are your costs for system development and infrastructure too high?
  • Do you have too much data and too many systems but not enough answers and business value?
  • Are your systems providing value to your business? Could they be better?

Unity Data has world-class consultants with expertise in providing solutions from the smallest database applications to the largest data warehouse systems. Our consulting service provides:

  • experts with years of experience in database development for small companies and Fortune 500 enterprises
  • an on-time, on-budget guarantee
  • design services for data virtualization, data warehousing, and data and system integration projects including MongoDB and Splunk
  • free consultation and quotes
  • an average solution cost 50% less than IBM and major competitors (based on prior contracts)
  • dedicated on-going service to ensure developed systems continue to serve business needs
  • experience collaborating with IT departments to maximize performance

Unity Data consulting services will simplify your data and business intelligence challenges. From developing new data and business intelligence systems to maximizing the value of existing infrastructure through systems integration, our consultants will transform your data systems into valuable business resources. Our team builds any type of data application system including large-scale data management technology for the GE Industrial Big Data initiative, a comprehensive claim management software for Reimer Express (currently part of YRC Freight), and an enterprise data warehouse for Monsanto. We have experience working with government and public organizations including building the park management and reporting system for the City of Kelowna. If your project is smaller like designing and optimizing your MySQL database or SQL Server database, we can help with that too.

Unity Data consulting services has leveraged UnityJDBC technology for data source virtualization in collaboration with GE in their drive towards the Industrial Internet. Unity Data has contributed technology and expertise to the goal of processing petabytes of industrial sensor and time series data using Big Data technologies such as Hadoop Hive and Map-Reduce in combination with SQL querying and virtualization.

Contact us at or 250-863-6296 for a free consultation and quote for help with "Big Data" or "small data" challenges.