Reporting, Analytics, and Business Intelligence

  • Is your valuable corporate data spread across your organization?
  • Is it difficult to get a complete picture for decision-making?
  • Are your reports missing key information because it is too hard or costly to integrate?
  • Are you spending too much money on your data infrastructure for business intelligence?


  • allows real-time data for reports for up-to-date decision making
  • combines data from all your systems and organizational units including internal databases and cloud-based systems
  • replaces costly investments in data warehousing and development
  • works with your existing reporting solution including Tableau, Splunk, SAP Lumira, and open source systems like JasperReports
  • can be deployed and integrating data in minutes

Try UnityJDBC by downloading a free trial or contact our sales department ( , 250-863-6296) for a free demonstration and consultation.

UnityJDBC has been deployed in commercial installation of Tableau as well as open source reporting solutions such as JasperReports by large, multi-national organizations especially in the financial industry.

QlikView users can now UnityJDBC through the QlikView JDBC Connector to access JDBC data sources directly within QlikView. This allows access to a wide-range of data sources including NoSQL sources like MongoDB. Leverage the amazing power of QlikView with all of your data sources using UnityJDBC.

Our team will work with your IT department to seamlessly support your reporting needs at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.