Database Administration and Querying

  • Do you have many databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server) containing your data?
  • Do you find it annoying to remember the specific syntax of each system you use?
  • Do you find yourself writing custom scripts to move, migrate, or translate data between systems?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to write one SQL query to combine cross-database data and manipulate it directly in your query software?

UnityJDBC enables you to

  • connect to any database
  • automatically translate your query to the proper SQL dialect
  • perform functions that are not supported by the database
  • join and aggregate across database vendors on distinct servers
  • perform updates and synchronization using SQL commands across servers
  • work with any query and administration software that supports JDBC to connect to a database

UnityJDBC is a JDBC driver that can be used directly with your current software. It contains its own basic query interface, however if you do not already have query software it is recommended to use the free, open source multiple source plugin that is integrated with SQuirreL SQL.

Download a free trial or use it directly within SQuirreL SQL.