UnityJDBC History

UnityJDBC is the product of over fifteen years of research and development on database integration and query processing. UnityJDBC is under active commercial development and is supported by ongoing research efforts by Dr. Ramon Lawrence at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. UnityJDBC is the subject of over ten peer-reviewed published articles.

UnityJDBC Vision

UnityJDBC is designed to make data virtualization easier, faster, and less costly. UnityJDBC is a standards compliant JDBC driver that can be used in any reporting system or query software. It is available as a plug-in to the most popular open source query tool, SQuirreL SQL. Our goal is to make data processing simple. Retrieving data from NoSQL databases including MongoDB and Splunk is easy, and connecting with SQL-based reporting software can be done in a few minutes.

UnityJDBC Products

UnityJDBC drivers are used by companies worldwide including Apple, First Data, Bank of America, GE, and the US Defense Department. The Splunk JDBC driver allows Tableau to access data in Splunk and has been validated by Splunk solutions consultants. The MongoDB JDBC driver is the most popular product and widely used for retrieving data from MongoDB into reporting software including Splunk.