Platform Independent Development

  • Are you building an application that may use multiple different databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB)?
  • Do you want to write your code and queries once and not worry about translating for each system?
  • Do you want an alternative to object-relational mapping which is time-consuming to implement?
  • Would you like to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL with minimal code changes?


  • automatically translates SQL queries to the dialect of the target database
  • will execute functions and substitutions to support features not implemented by a particular database
  • has almost zero overhead for single source queries
  • has a sophisticated query optimizer and execution engine for executing cross-source queries
  • works with any database accessible using JDBC
  • is fully expandable allowing user-defined functions and new dialects and translations
  • has no installation requirements (single JDBC JAR file) that can be used as a drop-in replacement for your existing JDBC driver
  • has dedicated support for help with translation and integration requirements

UnityJDBC is the only solution that provides the ability to seamlessly change databases used by a Java application with minimal code changes. If you are faced with the challenge of migrating an application from one database to another or are developing a new application that may use multiple database platforms, UnityJDBC provides an efficient, scalable translation and execution platform. Write your SQL once and have it translated at run-time for any database system. Unlike object-relational mapping technology, there are no mappings to specify and function translations are fully supported.

UnityJDBC is used by many development companies including Data Clarity for business intelligence reporting and CPR Technologies in their Plato Analysis software for health informatics analysis. These organizations use UnityJDBC to build software that can access and use any database and have reduced their cost of database development by 50%.

Try UnityJDBC by downloading a free trial or contact our sales department ( , 250-863-6296) for a free demonstration and consultation.