UnityJDBC Solutions

  • Multiple database reporting - allow your reporting software such as Tableau, Splunk, QlikView, JasperReports and Pentaho to generate reports with data from many sources.
  • Multiple database querying - add UnityJDBC to your favorite query tool (e.g. Aqua Data Studio, SQuirreL SQL, DatabaseSpy, RazorSQL) and perform multiple database queries and joins immediately.
  • Build portable and maintainable applications - UnityJDBC provides function and SQL translation for database dialects. Develop your application with one SQL dialect, and UnityJDBC will translate it automatically for whatever database is used.
  • Rapid ETL and Querying - Do you need an answer now? Write a query, generate a report, or build an application in minutes that combines data in real-time from multiple sources. No new software or system changes and no hassle.

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