Multiple Database Querying and Virtualization with SQuirreL SQL

SQuirreL Multiple Source Virtualization Plugin

The multiple source query plugin allows SQuirreL users to create a virtual data view that has multiple data sources on different servers and platforms and use SQL queries to join, compare, analyze, and move data between systems. Cross-database queries built in SQuirreL can be easily moved to any reporting or Java-based software allowing access to multiple databases simultaneously from outside SQuirreL.

Business Challenges and Solutions

  • Integrate - all your systems with no server changes
  • Report & Analyze - across data systems
  • Synchronize - between platforms
  • Translate - SQL automatically for each system


  • Why spend money on costly analytics software when you can get your query results easier?
  • Why invest in costly server infrastructure when virtualization can be done in minutes at minimal cost?
  • Why try to learn each SQL dialect when translation can be done automatically?

Get Started

Multi-source Reporting with SQuirreL SQL

Can your query software join data from five databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) with one query?
SQuirreL with the multisource plugin allows distributed, federated, and virtualized SQL queries in seconds.