Multiple Database Querying and Virtualization with Rapid SQL® and UnityJDBC

Registering UnityJDBC as a JDBC source in Rapid SQL® allows users to create a virtual data view that has multiple data sources on different servers and platforms and use SQL queries to join, compare, analyze, and move data between systems. Cross-database queries can be used in any reporting or analytic software allowing access to multiple databases simultaneously.

Business Challenges and Solutions

  • Integrate - all your systems with no server changes
  • Report & Analyze - across data systems
  • Synchronize - between platforms
  • Translate - SQL automatically for each system


  • UnityJDBC allows Rapid SQL to support cross-database joins and SQL queries similar to Quest's Toad™ products.
  • No costly server infrastructure changes are required.
  • Virtualization is done in minutes and can be used in other reporting and business software.
  • UnityJDBC will translate SQL dialects for different databases automatically and perform SQL functions and syntax internally when not supported by the database.

Get Started

Multi-source Reporting with Rapid SQL

Can your query software join data from five databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) with one query?
Rapid SQL® using the UnityJDBC driver allows distributed, federated, and virtualized SQL queries in seconds.