UnityJDBC Data Virtualization

Query Multiple Databases With One SQL Query

UnityJDBC is a solution for data virtualization and database integration, SQL function and dialect translation, and allows any query and reporting software to query multiple databases in one SQL query. Compare a list of features of client and server versions.

Platform Independent

UnityJDBC is pure Java and can be used on any Java-enabled platform. The system supports standard SQL queries and works exactly as other JDBC drivers.

Join Across Multiple Databases/Systems

Write a single query to extract data from any number of JDBC-accessible data sources.

Match & Merge Data

Match data across several sites and determine if it is consistent across databases.

Supreme Performance

The optimizer intelligently executes portions of the query on each data source to maximize performance including push-down filters and joins. The optimization and execution engine has been evaluated in several research publications.

Embedded Database Engine

UnityJDBC contains a complete database engine that executes cross-database joins and operations. UnityJDBC can handle queries and databases larger than memory.

Function Translation

UnityJDBC supports all standard SQL functions, user-defined functions, and translates functions specific to the dialect and level of support on each database system including the different support for date/time functions, string manipulation, and LIMIT/OFFSET paging.

Web Server Support

UnityJDBC can be used as a JDBC accessible data source in a web server such as Tomcat and supports connection pooling.

Query Multiple JDBC Sources with SQL

Query across any relatonal and NoSQL database that is accessible using JDBC.

Query using SQuirreL SQL

Integrates seemlessly with JDBC-enabled query and reporting software such as Tableau, Splunk, QlikView, TIBCO, SQuirreL SQL, Aqua Data Studio, JasperReports, and others.